Terms and Conditions

We welcome you to www.ogapatapata.com.ng, before proceeding with your registration and any transaction here, it is compulsory you read, understand and agree to our terms and condition.

It is very clear to you that you have accessedg one of the biggest online businesses. What this means is that you are connected to all parts of the world, and you should note that a lot of the people you may encounter, would be far from your physical location and may be faceless. Some may be real, while many more may be fictitious; we have no special way to verify, because as part of our registration, we would not ask for any special means of identification, except in cases where an account is assumed to be suspicious.

With the above very clear, it is expected that you shall register with authentic email addresses, and your contact phone numbers must be active. While these shall be made public upon your uploading your items, the choice is yours to either, disclose both or either and we shall not be held liable for user abuse.

You have also agreed that for updates and alerts. We may regularly send you general updates, as it pertains to the running of the site, newsletters and notification. This may be extended, in cases whereby, you have subscribed to other service alerts. This also grants us the right to use uploaded information, without contacting you as deemed fit to us.


We wish to clarify that we do not verify users neither do we authenticate uploaded items. The onus is on you to take every reasonable step to verify and authenticate users and items before conceding to a transaction.

We do not claim to know any special way to authenticate a user, items and ownership of any items, materials hard or soft that shall be uploaded on this platform.


This is an online market, a market that is prone to high risk. You should note that in communication with anybody online has inherent risk. We would advice you manage this risk and be discreet in your transaction.

If we may, avoid fixing appointments you are not clear with.


No member of our organization shall call you demanding for any payment, except in cases, where you have procured any of our services and communication shall be through our safe channels which shall be communicated to you in the instance such procurement is made.


This is to notify you our users that we shall not be liable to your usage of this platform. All transactions carried out are purely at your discretion and at your own risk.

We have created this platform purely for exchanges between parties, and have no claim to know any user on the platform as such cannot be held liable for any injury you may suffer from the use of the platform.

You have agreed, not to take any legal action against us from any/all activities which you shall carry out on this platform.

We shall not be liable to any hurt from the use of any site or businesses linked to this site.


We place high restrictions on anything that is anti-social, injurious to mankind and anti-God.

Religious wrangling is not allowed.

Abusive languages are prohibitive.

If your contents fall short to our terms and conditions, your account would be shot down.

Stolen items are prohibitive here.

Impersonation if detected would cost you your account and you may never be allowed registration again.

Pornography is not allowed.


This use of this site shall be Governed by, and constructed in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Finally, note that our terms and conditions are subject to changes and we are not obliged to notify you. As such your acceptance of these terms and conditions is an acceptance of any updates we shall undertake and you agree to read same anytime you visit our portal.