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  • You log on to
  • You select what you want from our search menu or our smart options of just clicking what you want.
  • You commence a search process using any of our five processes: BUY, SELL, EXCHANGE, ADVERTISE, ASK or others
  • You would be prompted next to select a transaction
  • Next you would be prompted to describe your transaction briefly
  • Next would be to provide a budget, phone numbers, email
  • Finally you would need to upload an attachment like an image, CV or others
  • Your request would be taken up by our team and the result would be mailed to you within 10 minutes or less.


  • You create a private account where you can view and manage your information ion our secured portal. Customized
  • Your entire upload based on your category would be uploaded upon verification by our team. And they shall appear on your selected option.
  • All uploads are free but you may request for our “VERIFIED” logo, to enhance your transaction

PROFILING: Here you are to create a micro format of your resume, with the following details

  • Upload a picture
  • Give your names, date of birth, professional qualification, school attended, work experience and work preference, skills. For example: James mark. 1980, b-arc, University of Lagos, 5 years work experience. Goal: to work with the UN or any viable corporation, AutoCAD.
  • This section is opened to both professionals, non-professionals, artisans and all business owners.
  • Here you are profiled to our tracking system, should you activate it for easy reach when your goods or services are needed on the go.

E-shop: We recreate your physical shop for you online. How?

  • You give us all your products with details and we create a separate link for you, there all who hit your shop would be taken to that separate link.

VACANCIES: You can upload all your vacancy advertisement for free here or simply procure our “VERIFIED” logo for quick results.

Our value added service here is for you to upload your CV for our list placement on demand


  • Our services are free.
  • Remember, a transaction could be between one or more persons or organizations.
  • Should you need a speed up process? You may procure an ADVERT or simply procure our verified logo sign.